The Protestant Revolt (Reformation) changed the mindset of many Christians from a reliance on the Church for truth, to a reliance on self for truth. This has had a huge impact on the development of Christian thought and has resulted in a Me and My Bible mentality. There are many examples of the devastating effects of this mentality, but I will use one in particular to prove my point.

Normally, when controversy over moral issues arise in our culture, The Catholic Church has a responsibility to respond to these sometimes complicated situations. For Example, when contraception became popular in America, the Church met to decide if it was something that Catholics should be permitted to use in normal circumstances and despite the majority of Bishops supporting the use of contraception, the Pope determined that it was not morally acceptable. He went on to warn of the pitfalls that contraception would have on a society that would embrace this type of behavior. 50+ years later and his warnings have indeed been realized.

I give that example because it shows how the Church, despite the differing opinions of its members, is protected by the Holy Spirit from implementing an immoral provision such as contraception, despite the pressures of the culture.

Now contrast that to many, if not most of the Protestants churches. Most of them have embraced contraception as a norm for Christians. Perhaps you would even agree that contraception is not a moral evil. Fifty years ago, you would have been in the minority among protestant churches. But they adjusted their once strongly held biblical interpretation that contraception was a moral evil. Many of them felt the same about masturbation, but more and more they have found ways to interpret scripture to accommodate this activity.

Most recently I watched a video of a Christian homosexual man who gave a very convincing and sincere argument for why homosexuality is not a moral evil in the Bible. There are many who agree with his interpretation.


This is all a clear result of the change from trusting the Church for truth to putting our trust in ourselves to correctly interpret and apply God’s Word to our lives. The Me and My Bible approach has and will continue to compromise moral values and truths as our culture continues to slide down the path of subjective bible interpretation. The only cure for this disease is found by following the teaching of the Catholic Church. Like a loving Mother she has provided the resources and the information to keep us on the right path, but it is our responsibility to learn and apply her wisdom to our lives. Yes, she will always be filled with sinners at every level, but we should never leave Jesus because of Judas.